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Minecraft: Java Edition

Java Edition

Minecraft: Java Edition

Survival Evolved (PC)


Game Features

All CheeseHosting game servers have the following features by default.

Vulcan Control Panel

Gone are the tedious days of Multicraft and TCadmin. Vulcan is the ultimate modern flexible control panel.

Instant delivery

Your package will be ready for use immediately after payment. You can find the necessary details in the panel.

DDoS Protection

Virtually no downtime from DDoS attacks thanks to our excellent and extensive protection system.

Free Backups

Our free and automatic backups ensure you won't encounter any data loss. You can restore from a backup with a single click.

MySQL Databases

Store an unlimited amount of data from a plugin or other extension in free included MySQL databases.

Real Server Hardware

Your server is hosted on server grade hardware in The Netherlands, exclusively using SSD storage.

Cancel Anytime

No weird contracts or obligatory payments. You can cancel anytime you want.

The Best Support

Support from people who really understand game servers. A problem is solved in no time