Our own panel

Gone are the tedious days of Multicraft and TCadmin. Vulcan is the ultimate modern flexible control panel.

Web Interface

Vulcan is a web control panel. Manage your server from anywhere in the world.

Responsive Design

Regardless of your device of choice (phone, tablet, or computer), Vulcan works flawlessly.

Vulcan Screenshot
Unlimited number of features

The CheeseHosting team is constantly adding new features to Vulcan. Customer suggestions are of great value to us, so feel free to share your insights.

Modern Design

In stark contrast to panels such as Multicraft and TCadmin, Vulcan has a sleek, comprehensive, modern design.


A Unique Panel
Developed by us

Vulcan is the unique CheeseHosting control panel built upon the open source Pterodactyl panel. Vulcan is single-handedly being developed by the CheeseHosting team.

We are constantly adding exciting new features to Vulcan. Do you have a suggestion? Feel free to let us know!

Simple & Easy

Changing server settings is a breaze. There's absolutely no need to dig into mountains of complex and confusing configuration files. The most important settings are instantly configurable using our easy interface with an explanation for each setting.

Alternatively, all original configuration files will still be available through the file manager.


Work Together
With subusers

Starting your own server is not something you go about alone. Other panels don't take this into account. Vulcan encourages collaboration and is built with specific support systems for a multiplayer experience.

You can add subusers to your server manually and tweak their permissions to limit their access to your liking.

Complete & Comprehensive
File manager

The built-in file manager's broad functionality enables you to do almost anything with your server's files and folders. Whether you want to download, upload, edit, delete, rename, compress or decompress something, it's all easily accessible.

Do you prefer to use an external program to manage your files? No problem! Simply connect using the SFTP details provided.

File management