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Start a small survival Minecraft server with friends or a big multi-server network. We've got packages to fulfill every need.

Included with all Minecraft servers
  • No player limit
  • SSD storage
  • Support for plugins & mods
  • Cloud feature (create servers yourself)
  • Unlimited free SRVs
  • Easy server configuration
  • Extensive Jar list
  • All CheeseHosting game server features

Starting at €3,75 / month

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No Limit

You shouldn't pay to raise a player limit. At CheeseHosting you only pay for what you actually use; the RAM of the server. How much RAM your server needs depends on the amount of players, the amount of mods, the amount of plugins, and the world you use.

Need some help figuring out what package to choose? Check out our advice for every package on the packages page or ask for help via chat, a ticket or Discord.

Fast Storage

SSDs are over 10x faster than a regular hard drive. The faster the storage, the faster files load. You'll notice the difference during startup, plugin loading, world loading and more.

All of our Minecraft server packages use SSD storage to provide the best possible performance.

Plugins & Mods

Plugins & Mods
Click And Go

Install plugins with one click using our built in plugin list. Prefer uploading plugins yourself? Not a problem. Simply use the file manager or SFTP.

Modpacks too are installed in an instant. Our version list contains a large collection of ready to play modpacks. Something missing? Let us know and we'll add it.

Unlimited Servers

Our unique Cloud feature gives you the ultimate control over your package. You decide how many servers you make using our panel. For example, bought a 8GB package? Create 8x 1GB servers, 2x 4GB servers or simply a 1x 8GB server.

Whether you're creating a network of multiple servers or just one large server, cloud gives you the flexibility you need.


Free And Simple

You won't need to remember a long, complex IP address. Our free khplay.nl SRV makes joining your server simple and easy.

Want to use your own domain? No problem, we'd love to help you set that up.


Our panel enables you to change your server's settings with just a few clicks. The Minecraft server properties file is entirely adjustable using our intuitive interface.

Prefer editing the files directly? Simply use our built in file manager.

Easy Configuration

Jar List

Switch between Jars easily using our version list. It contains many different Jars such as Vanilla, Spigot, Paper, many modpacks, snapshots and more.

You're not limited to the versions in our list either. Upload your own Jar file or let us know which one you'd like to see added to our list

Game Features

In addition to the Minecraft specific features all Minecraft servers come with the following standard CheeseHosting game features.

Vulcan Control Panel

Gone are the tedious days of Multicraft and TCadmin. Vulcan is the ultimate modern flexible control panel.

Instant delivery

Your package will be ready for use immediately after payment. You can find the necessary details in the panel.

DDoS Protection

Virtually no downtime from DDoS attacks thanks to our excellent and extensive protection system.

Free Backups

Our free and automatic backups ensure you won't encounter any data loss. You can restore from a backup with a single click.

MySQL Databases

Store an unlimited amount of data from a plugin or other extension in free included MySQL databases.

Real Server Hardware

Your server is hosted on server grade hardware in The Netherlands, exclusively using SSD storage.

Cancel Anytime

No weird contracts or obligatory payments. You can cancel anytime you want.

The Best Support

Support from people who really understand game servers. A problem is solved in no time