Minecraft server hosting

The following features are included with every Minecraft server.

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Included with all Minecraft servers:

Unlimited players

You decide the amount of players that can play at the same time.

Create servers

Create as many servers as you want within your package.

Every version

From the newest Vanilla version to modpacks. No problem.

And much more..

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Manage your server with our custom panel

Forget every other control panel. Our panel is powerful, fast, beautiful, and has many features.

Included with every Minecraft server

All of these features are included with every Minecraft server plan. No hidden costs.

No player limit
Create servers
Every version
Unlimited SSD storage
Plugin support
Automatic backups
MySQL databases
Instant cancellation
Premium hardware
Custom control panel
Instant delivery
Mod support
Best support
Unlimited subdomains


Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How much RAM your Minecraft server needs depends on a couple of factors:
  • - Which version you use
  • - The amount of plugins you use
  • - The amount of mods you use
  • - The amount of players that play on your server at the same time

Different Minecraft versions have different minimum RAM requirements for the server to run properly. A server running version 1.12.2 or lower needs at least 512 MB RAM to work. For 1.13 at least 1 GB RAM is required, for 1.14, 1.15 and 1.16 a minimum of 1.5 GB is needed, and 1.17 requires at least 2 GB. These minimum requirements are based on a Vanilla server (without plugins or mods) with a couple of players online.


Every plugin you install on your server uses RAM. The more plugins you want to use, the more RAM you'll need. How much RAM a specific plugin uses varies wildly. It very much depends on what the plugin does.


The same rules that apply for plugins apply for mods too. However, in general a mod uses more RAM than a plugin.


Just like plugins and mods every player uses RAM as soon as they are playing on the server.

We support every version and every mod pack. To make playing these easy we've got a list of versions you can use to install your favorite version with one click.