ARK server hosting

The following features are included with every ARK server.

No slot limit

You decide the amount of players that can play at the same time.

Mod support

Support for all mods, including automatic installation.

All maps

From The Island to Valguero, we support every map.

And much more..

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Start a small server with friends or a large public server with mods. We've got a plan that will fit your needs.

12,50 / mo
17,00 / mo
21,50 / mo
Best selling
26,00 / mo
30,50 / mo
39,50 / mo
45,00 / mo
49,50 / mo

Included with every ARK server

All of these features are included with every ARK server plan. No hidden costs.

Best Support
Instant Delivery
Custom Control Panel
No Hidden Costs
No Server Overselling
No Slot Limit
Instant Cancellation
Owned Server Hardware
Automatic Backups
MySQL Databases
Mod Support
Every Map


Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How much RAM your ARK server needs depends on the amount of players playing on the server at the same time, the map, and how many mods you use. Are you planning on not using any mods and playing a map like The Island? If so, our 6 GB plan will work fine if you want to play with a couple of friends. Want to use mods or play a more resource intensive map like Ragnarok? Consider getting a larger plan.

We support every ARK Survival Evolved map, including custom maps. These are the current official maps: The Island, The Center, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, and Valguero.