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With support for Oxide (uMod), great performance, our own custom control panel and the best support.

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Rust server hosting
Oxide (uMod)

Oxide support with one click.

Oxide plugins

Easy plugin installation.

No slot limit

You set the number of players.

Choose your Rust server

A package for every kind of server.

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16,19 / month
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20,99 / month
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24,99 / month

Install Oxide (uMod) with one click

Add extra features to your Rust server or customize gameplay mechanics with Oxide plugins. In our panel you turn on Oxide support for your server with a single click. Plugins can be installed with ease using the built-in file manager or SFTP.

Oxide (uMod) plugins

Features with every Rust server

Included with all packages. No hidden fees.

Oxide (uMod)

Oxide support with easy plugin installation.

Instant delivery

Your Rust server will be delivered immediately.

Unlimited storage

On NVMe SSDs for best I/O performance.

DDoS protection

Protection against most attack up to 1,5 Tb/s.

Powerful servers

Equipped with AMD Ryzen 5900X and Intel Xeon CPUs.

Hosted in Holland

In the Serverius DC1 data center in Dronten

Automatic backups

Daily backups, easily restored via our panel.

No slot limit

You decide how many players can be on your server.

Cancel at any time

No contract. You are never obliged to renew.


Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

The amount of RAM your Rust server needs depends on the amount of players that play on it at the same time and how many plugins you use. If you use few plugins and play with a limited amount of players at the same time our 4 GB plan will do just fine. If you want to use more plugins or have more players on at the same time, consider going for a larger package.

Yes, your Rust server checks for updates during every startup. In case an update is available, it will automatically download and install.